Gold Cherub Baby Angel necklace

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The iconic praying Cherub baby Angel necklace has been a favorite among avid fashion and jewelry advocates due to its simplistic yet powerful meaning which symbolizes a guardian Angel of protection and guidance. Angels are believed to be spiritual/celestial beings that act as an attendant, agent or messenger of God. They are conventionally represented in human form with wings. However, they are noted to be spirits that may take the form of men.


There is a distinction between an Angel and a Cherub, but sometimes they are used interchangeably. Angels are characterized as spiritual beings are believed to be adults or mature Beings that carry out spiritual duties while the term Cherub is said to originate from the Hebrew term, "kĕrūḇ" which means child like. Based on this finding a Cherub is considered to be a very young child no greater than 1 year who has not yet begun to walk or talk or a baby angel.


Gift of an Angel to a love one or friend signifies your compassion towards them, and that you wish them protection and guidance throughout their life. Due to the profound meaning of such gift the angel pendant would serve its purpose best in a precious metal such as Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, Gold, or Platinum which will give you the longest lifespan of you angel necklace possible.


Originally Angel pendant was not loud or bodacious in design. It was usually subtle due to its small (micro) size but, had great detail in its design. There are several different activities the angel pendant may portray such as dancing, praying or merely standing with hands to the side. The need to differentiate one's style has led to varying designs and sizes of the Angel pendant especially in Hip Hop. These designs may simple and frugal in design to being very expensive with diamonds blanketing the angel.


The Angel pendant is greatly influenced by the belief in Guardian Angels. Soccer player David Beckham has several angel tattoos on his body to display his faith and belief in these spiritual beings.


David beckham Angel tattoo



Tyga Jewelry Gold Baby Angel

Tyga wearing Gold Cherub Angel Necklace while with his son Cairo

Rick Jewelry Gold Baby Cherub Angel

Rick Ross wearing his gold Cherub Baby Angel Necklace

Rick Ross Jewelry: Gold Cherub Baby Angel Necklace

Rick Ross and Rapper Fat Trel




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